Magic Johnson visits Michigan to campaign for Joe Biden

On Saturday, retired basketball player, Magic Johnson, traveled to Michigan to campaign for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. He visited both Detroit and Lansing.

The visits were part of an initiative called “Shop Talk”, which serves as a conversation that encourages Black men to get out and vote.

“As a young man, who spent the first half of his childhood on the Eastside of Detroit, it’s important to have this conversation, here on the eastside and Michigan,” said Michigan Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilcrest.

Gilcrest was 1 of people who spoke at the event, and he said he came out because the people elected, can strengthen or weaken Michigan.

“This is a community with big hearts, but sometimes it gets ignored from people with big positions,” Gilcrest said. “What we’re trying to represent right here with this conversation, in this community, at this moment, during this election, is that this is where the power will come from. Not to just win this election, but to define the direction of the city, the community and the nation.”

“This election could change our community and our lives to have someone there that cares about the same things that we care about,” Johnson said.

All together about 20 people came out to both locations and COVID-19 safety precautions were enforced.

Organizers say the end goal was to encourage more people to vote.

“We have to encourage our friends to show up,” Johnson said. “Whether that’s voting early or on the day of the election vote, but make sure you vote.