'Magic Mike Live' coming to Vegas in 2017

You will soon be able to experience all the glory of Magic Mike in person, dollar bills and all. The show is heading to Las Vegas.

"Magic Mike Live" will be at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Vegas with previews starting in March of 2017. Channing Tatum will be directing the production, but he will not be one of the dozen men to star in the show (for all of you who were wondering). He announced the news, though, with a special video: 

"God knows, we have enough gentlemen's clubs in this world, so let's start the first gentlelady's club," he says in the video.

They're asking for input to make the show great. You can "sign up and confess what you really want" at www.magicmikelivelasvegas.com.

Tap here to watch if you can't see the video above