Make-A-Wish Bicycle Tour in Michigan raises money for state's sickest kids this weekend

It's time to ride - once again the Make-A-Wish Bicycle Tour is taking to the streets Friday through Sunday.

It will span 300 miles in just three days - all to raise funds to grant wishes for some of Michigan's sickest children. Jamie Handelsman has been riding for a few years.

"It just makes a world of difference for these kids," she said. "I got hooked. It's a lot of love - a lot of fun - you're giving back and it's a beautiful thing."

And when she met her now-husband Tedd Handelsman on Match in 2019 - she got him hooked on cycling as well. This will be his second Make-A-Wish ride - at the age of 66.

"A few years ago at 64, I started riding, really," Ted said. "It was just a great adventure - I loved it - and since then we've just been riding ever since.

"It's really tough - it's really hard - but like Jamie said - it's really rewarding."

They're both riding for Team Alex in honor of Alex Graham who lost her battle with cancer in 1999 at the age of 17.  She made a public service announcement for her wish shortly before she died.

Alex Graham

Alex Graham

"We've had enough hurt in our lives already - the next time you see a kid with cancer or even someone who looks a little different - try a smile - we could use it," she said in the PSA.

Over the years Team Alex has helped grant more than 550 wishes for Make-A-Wish children - this 300-mile fundraiser from Canton to Mackinaw is an important part of that.

"You see the children - you see their parents and you get to talk to them and connect with them and really get to understand what they've gone through, and how much having a wish means to them," Jamie said.

But don't forget to take care of yourself along the way. Tedd Handelsman owns Better Health Markets throughout Michigan where they're celebrating their 25-year anniversary this weekend. He stocks plenty of supplies for cyclists.

"They actually help keep you hydrated and keep you going so you don't collapse in the 90-degree heat which is not good for anyone," he said.

The heat - the distance - the hills - but if these wish kids can keep fighting -  these cyclists say, they can certainly do the same.

"Very inspirational," Jamie said. "If they can do it we can do it."

You can donate to make a wish through Tedd's QR Code or visit