Making their way: some homeless avoid shelters despite temps

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When temps dip there are some homeless people who opt to stay out in the cold... brave the weather...  because they are worried about going to shelters... HG caught up with one disabled vet who’s doing just that 

Disabled veteran David Wofford is spending his day in the frigid temperatures clearing the snow. 

Every day he's out doing what he can to earn a little cash and he finds support in his faith. 

"Just by the will of God and the transfers I've been through saved me from thinking of suicide," he said. "They said you've got to meet the Lord, and invited me to a therapy group and I met the most unbelievable lady. "

When he's done, he doesn't go to a house or apartment. He showed me he goes into a parking lot shack. 

"It keeps me from the elements," he said. "It gives me the heat I need. I have got church groups that will come by and see what I need, during the process trying to find me a place. The VA at times, sends me to places that you get scared."

He and his friend and coworker Stefanie would rather not go to a shelter.
"I don't like it because people will mumble and talk, the argue with each other," she said. "It makes it uncomfortable for me. I prefer to be somewhere outside whenever I want and I don't like sleeping there all night."

They have their belongings, a bike, a heater, a makeshift abode.

David says he's a disabled vet.  He's only been homeless for a year. He's had tough times.

Someone asking him for money to buy cigarettes and cocaine ended up shooting him. 

"I asked what do you need it for, if you let me know, I will give it to you," Wofford said. "He said I need some cigarettes and blow and I said you are dopey enough, aren't you then she shot me in the belly twice."

Even though there are several warming shelters and services to help, these folks have found their own way.

The Point-in-Time Count figures from January of 2017 show about 3,000 people were homeless in Detroit. But so many still have nowhere to go.