Making your own flower box for Valentine's Day

Looking to put your own personal touches on your Valentine's Day gift this year? 

Kevin Miller from Twigs and Branches joined us on The Nine to show us how to make your own special bouquet. You can get some instructions below. 

- 16 hole acrylic flower box
- plastic cup
- plastic spoon
- 16 stems real touch silk red roses or fresh flowers
- wire cutters
- acrylic water kit or fresh water if you use fresh flowers

You will want to start with an acrylic flower box that you can purchase online.  Make sure the flower acrylic box has holes in the middle to hold up the stems.  The acrylic box usually notes how many holes are in each so you know how many flowers to buy.  

We used real touch silk roses for ours!  The box has 16 holes and we purchased 16 of the silk red roses.  You can also do fresh and change them out for different occasions. If you are using fresh flowers make sure the box is completely sealed and you will want to add about an inch of water at the bottom.  

If you decide to you silk.  You can also use acrylic water for silk flowers.  This is a two part process where you will mix the two liquids together in a plastic up and mix with a plastic spoon.  You will than pour the acrylic water into the box.  Remove the tray with holes that hole up the stems before pouring and place the tray in after you have added about 1/2-1" of acrylic water.  

After you add your water or acrylic water you will than cut your stems to length using your wire cutters  I usually bring the box up to the edge of the counter.  Cut the stems of your flowers at the same height of the box so when you place each stem in the holes the stem will hit the bottom and the flower head will be sitting just under the edge of the box.  You will continue to cut each stem to fill the box full and put a in each hole.  

If you are using silk flowers with acrylic water let the acrylic water dry before adding anything to the box.  After the acrylic water is dry or if you used fresh flowers with water.  You can than add some ribbon around the box and personalize it with your own decorations.  Add a cute card for a message you can tie on the box!