Man accused of attacking fiancé with chainsaw, dragging her through fire

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Robert Presley Jr. 

A Macomb County man has been charged with attempted murder after polices he attacked his fiancé with a chainsaw in Clare Count at the suspect's cabin.

Robert Presley Jr. of Clinton Township has been charged with attempted murder, torture, possession of weapons and operating under the influence in an incident involving his fiancé last week.

Prosecutors say the 46-year-old man attacked his 38-year-old fiancé with a chainsaw, dragged her through a fire, then hit and kicked her at his cabin in Redding Township last Wednesday.

"Clearly by the way he treated her and the assault that he perpetrated against her his intent was clear with what he wanted to happen," said Clare County Prosecutor Michelle Ambrozaitis.

Investigators say the fiancé managed to escape and flag down a passing motorist. She was able to get to the ER while in the meantime, it's alleged Presley drove to the Clare County Sheriff's Department and told them his fiancé had attacked him.

Authorities say he was drunk and had nine guns in his car. Presley was already on probation for drunk driving and weapons charges out of Oakland County.

"This is pretty serious and it's certainly concerning when you have somebody who's on probation for weapon charges already, who has all of these weapons in the back of his vehicle - it makes you wonder what his intent was," Ambrozaitis said.

One neighbor we spoke with was surprised by the allegations, calling him an all-around good neighbor. 

 He is now behind bars with a bond of $1.2 million. If convicted, he could be locked up for life.