Man accused of bludgeoning Warren aunt and uncle, faces life

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A man who is accused of bludgeoning his aunt and uncle inside their Warren home could get life in prison for the crime.

Joseph Borowiak, 37, was arraigned on two counts of first degree murder. He's accused of killing his own aunt and uncle who were found dead inside their own home on Panama street Friday.

When police arrived at the home, they found the door forced open and their two lifeless bodies were found inside.

"What is the explanation? Only the person who committed the homicides can answer why," Warren Police Commissioner William Dwyer said. "Why would you murder people that actually raised you cared about you, supported you, helped you?"

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Police arrest Joseph Borowiak in Warren double murder 
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Warren police at scene of double murder

Borowiak is charged for the murders of his aunt, 66-year-old Cynthia Collins, and uncle, 67-year-old Steven Collins.

"They did as much as they could for him why he turned on them as he did is unknown to us. I'm not sure what the motive was," Dwyer said.

Warren police say the Collins' raised Borowiak who neighbors say, is mentally unstable.

"He would talk like he was God," said neighbor Alisha Goolsby. "He believed he was God."

Steven Collins was killed while he was asleep and was found bludgeoned to death. Cynthia was found dead in the next room. Police originally said the two were shot to death.

"It appears the wife heard a noise and she was actually on the floor, face down in a separate bedroom," Dwyer said.

Borowiak posted a selfie and his so-called hit-list on social media.

"We were able to identify some of the relatives and they were in our custody at the time for their own protection."

Borowiak was found with blood sprayed on his sweatshirt and glasses at a Detroit Buddy's Pizza about six hours after the murder. When he was arraigned Tuesday, we also learned that he has a criminal history including drug possession convictions. Borowiak also has a juvenile record and in 2012 was charged with felony assault with intent to rob and resisting police.

His bond was denied with the judge calling him a serious danger to the community. He's due back in court on September 14th.