Man accused of killing Detroit police girlfriend faces judge

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Doug Fields recalled the night his friends were shot in court Wednesday.

The preliminary exam was held for Eddie Johnson, charged with shooting and killing his girlfriend Elaine Williams in Garden City June 2, shooting her five times. Williams was a Detroit police sergeant.

 "I heard gunshots, there was a pause, then I heard more gunshots as I was crossing the street," said neighbor Doug Fields.

Attorney: "Do you recall any issues arising?"

"Verbal arguing started in my driveway," said Fields.
Brought out in a wheelchair, Johnson is charged with first-degree murder and felony firearm for killing Sgt. Williams - inside their home on Belton Street. Elaine Williams was shot five times with four of those shots in her head.

"It would be what we describe as close range," Dr. Mildad Webb, Wayne County Medical Examiner's Office. "I would approximate about 8 to 12 inches from her face."

Neighbor Doug Fields says they all had been drinking that day and when they returned from a nearby bar, Williams and Johnson started arguing.  And once inside their home he says he heard two separate rounds of gunshots.

"Eddie came out of the house, he said he'd been shot and was bleeding and holding his stomach," Fields said.
Prosecutors say Fields, who says he is Johnson's best friend, initially told police that Eddie asked him to take his son because he "didn't want him to hear the fight." He added that when Eddie came out of the house, he said that Elaine shot first.
Prosecutor: "Is that right?"

"While I was under the influence, that's what I wrote," he said. " Yes. I don't remember writing that, is what I'm trying to tell you."

The defense suggesting Wednesday that Elaine and Eddie had gotten into a scuffle - and began wrestling over the gun and it accidentally went off, nothing more.

Attorney: "Did you see any signs of any physical effects bruises, like she'd been in a fight or anything?"

"I did not," Dr. Webb said.

But Garden City police testified that Eddie initially told them that after Williams slapped, then shot him, Johnson grabbed the gun - then shot her while she charged at him. His story later: 

"He picked it up and the two struggled over the gun and that's when the gun went off several more times," said Lt. Billy Smith, Garden City police.