Man admits to driving drunk, killing retired Sterling Heights Police Sergeant

Jimi Pierowich has agreed to a plea deal and admitted to driving drunk and killing retired police Sterling Heights Police Seergeant last year in Detroit.

Pierowich pleaded guilty Monday to operating a vehicle while intoxicated causing a death. Pierowich admitted to driving drunk on December 21 when he killed police sergeant Daryl Brown.

As part of the plea deal, Pierowich will be sentenced to between 42 months and 15 years in prison. He'll be sentenced May 21 in Wayne County.


Brown was crossing the street when Pierowich hit him and then fled the scene. Police said Pierowich was driving intoxicated. 

He was arrested with front end damage to the car and what was believed to be blood.

The officer who arrested him said Pierowich told him he'd been traveling easton Jefferson when he saw two men who seemed to be wrestling in the road. He allegedly said he wasn't paying attention but struck one of the men. He reportedly told the officer that he had had two beers with some friends a couple hours prior to the incident.

Brown had just retired in June of last year after 26 years with the department. He was a husband and father, and was reportedly returning to a hotel that night with his cousin after hearing his daughter sing at the Fox Theater that night.