Man and family dog found dead, mother unconscious in Lake Orion house

Police in Lake Orion are investigating a suspicious death discovered by a code enforcement officer earlier this week. 

The officer was checking on a home on Shadbolt, just west of M-24, with overgrown grass and weeds on Tuesday, May 28. While he was at the front door he noticed the mailbox was especially full, so he went to a rear door to knock again.

"He noticed a large volume of mail in the mailbox and that's never a good sign," said Lake Orion Police Chief Jerry Narsh.

That's when the officer looked inside the house and saw a 47-year-old man dead by the back door. 

He called police and they came and got inside the home, where the man's 73-year-old mother was also found unconscious on the floor but still breathing. The family's dog was also found dead.

Hazmat crews were called out but found no sign of carbon monoxide or other toxic gasses. 

The victims also showed no signs of trauma, and the front and rear doors were locked from the inside.

"We have no evidence to indicate anything foul play or anything other then what may have occurred inside that home," said Narsh. 

The woman is in the hospital still in critical but stable condition and is unable to speak with investigators. Police believe her son died about three days before they were found. 

"Based on preliminary medical reports it would indicate had she possibly was in her condition about the same amount of time," said Narsh.

Police are still investigating and waiting for autopsy results. Narsh could not talk more about the case but said the man and his mom had medical histories but the 73-year-old could be the key to figuring out what happened.

"Both individuals did have a previous medical history so that's being looked at now. The victim, if she does recover - and we're praying and hoping she does this is a tragedy either way, we'll hopefully communicate with her and find out the events that led up to that day," said Narsh.