Man arrested for recording man using urinal at Woodhaven bowling alley

Woodhaven police said a man who was wanted for using his cell phone to record men going to the restroom inside a bowling alley has been arrested.

Ryan Dustin Gaynier, 36, is accused by Woodhaven Police of being a video voyeur who recorded men using the restroom inside the Woodhaven Bowl-a-rama. Police said they found 150 different video clips on his phone. 

"You would expect privacy, even in a public bathroom," said Woodhaven Police Chief Robert Toth. "It's certainly a large-scale of invasion of privacy."

It started on December 14 when a man was using the restroom inside the bowling alley on Horn Road and noticed a man using a cell phone to take photos and videos of him urinating.

The man alerted staff and the general manager said they called the cops while the man hid in the stall. He got out of the stall but was pointed out in the crowd by the man and identified as Gaynier. But he maintained his innocence.

"The officers, after speaking with the victim, the victim described him and was able to point him out in a crowd," said Toth. "He was evasive with his answers. At one point they were able to seize his cellular phone as evidence."

When police searched his phone, they said they found 150 different video clips, including the man who first reported him.

"The victim had every concern and his concerns were correct. The images of him were actually on that phone," Toth said.

The bowling alley's general manager said Gaynier was employed in the Winning Hand Poker Room, but he was removed from the building, fired, and banned from the property.

Six months later, police are still trying to track him down. Woodhaven Police signed a 50-count felony warrant back on June 14th. 

"They've reached out to him numerous times. They've sent him certified mail in an attempt to get him to come in," Toth said.

According to Detective Sgt. Jeff Brust, they have almost 100 men on the videos who need to be identified.

"94 of the videos in question are of unknown males urinating at the urinal in men's restroom," Brust said in court.

The 50 charges include 25 each of video voyeurism and using a computer to commit a crime. Both are 4-year felonies.

Police fear there are more victims and locations they're not aware of and are asking Gaynier to turn himself in.

Gaynier was previously arrested in 2008 in  Clinton County for having an open intoxicant in a car and possession of drugs.