Man arrested on terror charges after Facebook threats to kill police

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WEB UPDATE: Police say they have arrested the man who threatened to kill police officers at a Southfield Comfort Inn Wednesday.

Investigators say last summer 40-year-old Nehru Littleton made threats toward law enforcement officers in wake of the fatal police shooting in Dallas. A number of officers were injured or killed.

Littleton was expected to be taken to Trenton to be arraigned. The arrest happened after the original report aired.

He allegedly went on his Facebook page on July 8 and posted:

"To those snipers in Texas, I commend your bravery and actions!!! #blacklivesmatter."

"All lives can't matter until Black Lives Matter!!!! Kill all white cops!!!"

"It was a tirade of hate and violence,” said Attorney General Bill Schuette.

"A threat to kill a police officer not only is a threat against all of us, we take threats seriously," said Detroit Police Chief James Craig.

The State's Attorney General Bill Schuette, and Detroit Police Chief James Craig held a joint press conference about the charges Wednesday.

This comes after Wayne County Prosecutor Kim Worthy decided to file charges against Littleton due to lack of evidence.

Chief Craig thought otherwise, and asked the Attorney General to look at the case.

"Certainly we were waiting for a response,” said Craig. “We did not get that."

Mark Diaz with the Detroit Police Officers Association also expressed his disappointment in Worthy.

"I can't speak to why, her reasons, other than that she definitely had a negative impact on the law enforcement community with that decision."

On Wednesday Bill Schuette announced felony charges against Littleton, the two counts carrying 20 years in prison each.

"This type of action endangers public safety, makes our schools and communities more dangerous and encourages violence behavior."

Here are some more comments police say Littleton made:

“(Expletive) that!!! Nobody called for prayer after Alton Sterling got shot to death!!! (Expletive) them police!!!!"

"Why isn't that white man shot dead!!! #wakeupblackpeople #itsnotagame"

Fox 2 spoke to one of Littleton’s neighbors.

“I'm kind of shocked, but it's probably in anger. Anger and hurt,” said Steve Smith. “All cops are not bad cops, but you do have some out here who are taking advantage of people."

We went to Littleton's neighborhood. None of his family answered when knocked on the door, but neighbors also expressed how surprised they were to hear he made those comments.

"I am surprised, really surprised,” said Dorothy Carson. “Him and his wife go to work and that's it.”

The charges also come shortly after a man made threats to blow up the Church where Capt. Ken Steil's memorial was held. He was a respected Detroit Police Officer well-known in the community who was shot in the line of duty.

Chief Craig also read off different violent crimes targeting law enforcement officers in the past few days nationwide, saying it must end.

"Again, the threats today are serious.”

Prosecutor Kym Worthy issued a statement regarding the Attorney General filing charges saying it is certainly his prerogative and went on to say "We stand by our decision in that case‎ and we will continue to advocate for needed changes in the applicable statutes.”