Man attacked, carjacked at gas station on Detroit's west side

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A man was attacked and carjacked as he was pumping gas Saturday night in Detroit.

It took place at 10:30 p.m. outside the Shell gas station on Warren Avenue near the Southfield freeway.

The gas station's subway employee Hussain Alshibil said he was getting ready to leave for the night when he witnessed it.

"He had no time to react," said Hussain Alshibil. "They came, they hit him. It happened so fast.

"I'm getting ready to close, just cleaning up (and) I hear a commotion."

All of a sudden, Alshibil says a young man came running in telling him two men just stole his brand new car - a 2016 Honda Accord.

"He says call the police, I told them what happened," Alshibil said.

On surveillance video you can see robbers watching the man as he hangs up the gas pump. The first man hit him over the head with a bottle.

"He just came up and hit him and punched him," Alshibil.

Police say the thieves demanded personal items from the man, but he refused. Instead, one man hopped into the driver seat, almost leaving his partner in crime locked out.

"It took him a couple of tries to get in the door because they were in a rush," said Alshibil. "Not very smart at all because you're on camera."

The thieves had been scoping out their victim inside the gas station. You can see one of the thieves waiting behind him in line appearing to pretend to have an ice cream craving. But then, he bought nothing and slowly following the man out.

Police are asking the public to take a good look and help find these cruel carjackers. Alshibil says he's just glad that man is okay.

"Man, these people deserve to be behind bars," he said. "We should all work together, not against each other."