Man catches worker dumping on Detroit's east side

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When a worker was spotted dumping large pieces of trash at a vacant Detroit house, a frustrated neighbor grabbed his cell phone and recorded it.

Durone Sanders caught the worker on camera on the city's east side. He said he thought at first it might be a city of Detroit employee, but was uncertain and the video was unclear.

"I looked back and heard something being flung, I turn back around and he's up there dumping stuff down," he said.

You can see and hear it in the cell phone video. Workers in hard hats pull down what looks like transformer covers from utility poles and dumping them into a yard near Van Dyke and Woodlawn.

"They are dumping on our land our property, we're close with our neighbors," Sanders said. "Everybody's been here about 40 years

Durone Sanders says doesn't seem like they're even trying to hide what they're doing.

"They didn't know if it was vacant or not," he said.

It doesn't look too bad big picture but neighbors say when you have to see it every day - that's a problem. 

"I'm always cleaning the streets everyone is elder around here," Sanders said.

FOX 2 reached out to the City of Detroit to find out if it's their lighting employees. Even with the video, the city can't say for sure who's behind the dumping. It could be independent contractors.

"(They need to) come and clean this up take it where it belongs," Sanders said.

The city tells FOX 2 they're investigating and even though can't confirm the source of the dumped items but they cleaned it up anyway. Durone and his neighbors don't have to look at it anymore.

"We've never had this kind of problem," he said.

Sanders is hoping he won't in the future. 

If you see illegal dumping going on in your neighborhood you can report it and submit photo evidence using the Improve Detroit phone app.