Man charged for sex trafficking out of Madison Heights Days Inn

Police have shut down an alleged human trafficking operation out of a Days Inn in Madison Heights.

James Yun, a 36-year-old Korean man, was charged in the case Friday for the operation which ran out of the hotel at 1331 W. 14 MIle Road.

"We were able to wait for him to get there and catch him in the act of trying to collect the money," said Chief Corey Haines, Madison Heights police.

The victim is a 33-year-old Chinese citizen that is currently in the United States on a VISA. 

"She didn't have any money with her, she only had a little bit of food and some clothing at the hotel. 

The investigation into Yun continues, Haines said there will likely be more victims. 

"Absolutley there will be other women who were involved," he said. "And hopefully we can find out who they are and get them the help that they need."

Yun was arraigned Friday in the 43rd District Court of Madison Heights and given a $250,000 cash/surety bond. The bond conditions, prior to release are that Yun must surrender all passports, is not allowed to leave the State of Michigan, he is required to have a GPS tether, and he is not allowed to have any contact with the victim.

The investigating officers requested that charges be issued against Mr. Yun from the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office.

The Oakland County Prosecutors Office issued the following charges against Mr. Yun: Prostitution/Accepting Earnings a 20-year felony; Prostitution/Transporting Person a 20-year felony; Human Trafficking-Forced Labor a 10-year Felony; and Keeping House of Prostitution a 5-year Felony.

The officers of the Madison Heights Special Investigations Unit and other officers from the Madison Heights Police Department that worked in conjunction with the Special Investigations Unit are to be commended for their efforts on this case