Man charged with killing DPD Officer Glenn Doss has outburst in court

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Just days after speaking at his son's funeral, the father of a murdered Detroit police officer goes to court. Glenn Doss. Sr. felt compelled to face the man accused of killing his son. 

"It was just troubling my heart," Doss says. "I wanted to see what he looks like and how he could end up creating this tragic incident."

But he didn't just see him, he heard him as well. 

As soon as the suspect, Decharlos Brooks, was led into the court room he had something to say.

"Have faith, have patience, be quiet," Brooks said in court. 

The outburst caught Doss's attention for a couple reasons.

"I can understand him giving shouts of love to his family, but he hasn't offered any condolences to my family," Doss says. But Doss feels this man's behavior and prior reports of Brooks's alleged battles with mental illness may be laying grounds for a defense. 
Brooks faces roughly 20 criminal charges including premeditated murder for shooting and killing DPD officer Glenn Doss Jr. on January 24.

The officer was responding to a domestic call when he was shot, and died just days later in the hospital. In court, Brooks's attorney says his client can't help him build a defense.

"He has no recollection of the events, therefore I can't proceed with a probable cause hearing," said Attorney James Anderson.

Throughout the brief court appearance, Brooks was seen muttering under his breath several times.

"I know the insanity defense is going to be brought forth," Doss said. "I'm going to let that work out in the court system and keep my prayers to God." 

While Brooks claims he doesn't remember the night Doss Jr. was shot and killed, the officer's father says he'll never forget it.

"That day was the worst day of my life, to get that phone call," Doss said.

He knew almost immediately that his time left with son was limited.

"I knew my son was hit in the head and I knew he was still living but I didn't know how long he would be with us."

Now, as this father waits to see if justice will come, he wants the community to remember his son not for the way he was killed but rather the way he selflessly lived.

"He believed in serving the community," Doss said. "He believed in family and he believed in love."

The judge issued a competency test for Brooks who is scheduled to be back in court in April.