Man charged with murder, torture in Detroit Halloween shooting

Disturbing new details about a fatal shooting on Halloween in Detroit.

A 15-year-old was killed and three other teens injured. The accused gunman was in court Friday and faces torture and murder charges.

Antonio Hubbard has been on the run since Halloween after the shooting, then barricaded himself inside a home Thursday. Hubbard, 25, was caught and now faces life in prison.

"What made him so successful in evading us up to the point he did yesterday, was his knowledge of the criminal justice system," said Sgt. Todd Eby, Detroit police. "His knowledge of successfully being a fugitive."

Hubbard was charged with 16 counts Friday including first degree murder, felony murder, armed robbery and torture. Police say they'd been aggressively hunting for Hubbard after they say he robbed and shot four teens inside a home on Langholm street. The motive was dope, police say, along with ...

"Allegedly you did with intention to cause cruel or extreme physical and mental pain and suffering, inflict great bodily injury or severe mental pain or suffering," the judge said.

The details of those torture charges are horrendous. Detroit police say Hubbard forced the four teens into a corner - and made them choose which one of them would die.

Detroit police Sgt. Eby says when none of the teens would choose, he shot them all, killing the 15-year-old.
"You see a lot of stuff, you get desensitized to a lot of it, but this one is pretty disturbing."

Hubbard eventually caught Thursday at a home on Duchess Street near Morang with the help of a major local, state and federal task force.

"One of our surveillance units was sitting up on a house that we believed he was frequenting," Eby said.

Police were watching Hubbard when suddenly they witnessed a shootout on the porch. Police surrounded the home, eventually arresting six people. Three were connected to the shooting of those teens including Hubbard - who police call the worst of the worst.

Hubbard was swiftly denied bond Friday called an extreme danger to society. He will be back in court Nov. 19th.

"Some of the facts that will come out in court," Eby said. "Will make you cringe."