Man chases his robbers, gets car shot up on Detroit's west side

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A wild chase occurred on Detroit's west side when the victim went after suspects who robbed him.

On video the hood was up on a classic 1974 Chevrolet Caprice with three guys checking under the hood. 

But two men approach with their guns drawn. They take one of the men's jacket. pat him down and run off.

What they didn't expect, was the man in white then chases after them in his Caprice, with no time to even lower the hood.

"He was driving with the hood up," said witness Jeffrey Watts. "And he pulled up right behind a police car. Those are the times we live in. 

"Things are getting worse and people don't care."

But here were eyeballs everywhere, with cameras outside the business and witnesses outside.

Witnesses who work at Bronson Auto on Seven Mile near the Lodge say the victim came back with his car shot up - and banged up. He was not injured, however.

The shooting and the crash happened after the man left the lot, workers here say.
A big concern a manager at the business has is making sure customers feel safe - especially women who drop off their cars.

The manager said that in the last 20 years they have never had an incident like this.