Man describes finding suspected shooter and held him at gunpoint for police

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The manhunt is over. The Oakland County man wanted for shooting his ex-wife and her male friend inside his apartment is now in custody.

Michael Quigley was found late this afternoon hiding out inside a vehicle on a Brandon Township man's driveway. That homeowner confronted him with a gun and made sure he wasn't going anywhere until police arrived.

"He looked quite disheveled and tired," said the homeowner, Scott. "He did exactly what I asked him to do."

That's because Scott had his Ruger SRC9 pointed at Michael Quigley, the Ortonville double shooting suspect who led authorities on a manhunt and had a number of communities on edge.

Quigley is behind bars now. The Oakland County Sheriff's Office took him into custody Wednesday evening after Scott found Quigley holed up in his van.

"I opened up the back door and there was a blanket that I have, I store artwork in the vehicle," Scott said. "And I lift up the blanket and I saw his feet.

"He was completely compliant, he got out, came to me near the vehicle. (I) put him down on the ground and called 911 and within two minutes or so, the SWAT team came out of the woods from every direction."

They had been working hard to find him.

Quigley was reportedly distraught his wife Stephanie, who separated from him, filed for divorce. They are the parents of four children.

He allegedly tracked her down at her male friend's apartment in Ortonville Tuesday night, forced his way inside and shot both of them. They were rushed to a local hospital.

And Quigley went on the run.

Some schools refused to open their doors Wednesday morning, others went on lockdown as authorities combed northwest Oakland County in their search for Quigley, but it was Scott who found him and held him at gunpoint until the swat team put him in handcuffs.

Just don't call him a hero.

"Not at all," he said. "Matter of fact I was going to deny talking to anybody. Me and my wife, this is our 15th anniversary and through 
all the stuff that's happened in the last 24 hours we kind of had to put that on hold."

Quigley's estranged wife and her friend are in intensive care, but stable condition despite both being wounded in the head. His wife was shot in the head, her friend in the eye, but police have been able to talk to both of them."