Man dies after setting himself on fire in Wendy's bathroom

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Ms. Brooks was showing up for her evening shift at the Highland Park Wendy's when she discovered a customer had set himself on fire inside the bathroom.

Tony Bazzi who works at the oil change business next door remembers the chaos Friday afternoon.

“We thought the Wendy’s was on fire. We didn't think it was a man on fire. That's crazy. That's sad. That's just sad.”

We're told the man was just released from the hospital. He headed to the Wendy's, entered the fast food restaurant and asked to use the bathroom.

A few minutes later - employees say he walked out on fire.

“He was calling for help. They went back there to try and assist but, being fully engulfed in flames there’s nothing anyone could do but put water on him.”

It's believed the man was in the bathroom doing drugs when the flames broke out. We're told drug paraphernalia was found inside the bathroom.

Employees called 911 and tried to douse the man with water, but their efforts were not enough. Chief Kevin Coney says he died from his injuries.

“Any time you see something that it is traumatic. They’re trying to do the best they have grief counselors in there right now assisting them.”

Police are still investigating. It is still unclear if it was an accident or if the man deliberately set himself on fire.