Man fails driver's test, attacks Secretary of State clerk

At the Secretary of State in Troy, a man gets so upset about failing a driver's test; he hops over the counter and attacks the clerk. And wait to hear what he did to court officers after that.

A bizarre call for help at Secretary of State Friday from customers and clerks terrified by the outbursts of a man identified as 22-year-old Troy resident Brandon Boles.

He had just failed the written portion of a driver's test twice.

"This guy just lost it over something so simple, he was not very happy with the clerk," said Capt. Robert Redmond. "She had his license and ID he demanded it back. She said just one minute we have to take down the information. That you didn't pass the test and will have it back to you. He became very agitated."

The man got so upset inside Secretary of State, he jumped the counter, cussing and screaming, then chasing after a clerk.

"One kid was crying his eyes out because he was scared to death of this person," Redmond said. "The clerk herself was traumatized by the event."

And the outbursts didn't end there. After Boles was arrested and taken to court, police say he became furious when a judge charged him with assault, battery and disorderly conduct.

He yelled and screamed at the judge, then started to fight with court officers.

Boles was wearing handcuffs in the front and he managed to get them wrapped around the neck of one of the officers behind, he was choking the officer out. While the other officer was trying to pull him off.

The officers are ok and safe. Redmond says he's relieved to have this temperamental test flunky behind bars.

"He's where he belongs," Redmond said. "And there's a $55,000 cash surety bond, which means he's probably not going to get out anytime soon."

And for trying to strangle a court officer, Boles now faces an additional felony charge of assaulting a police officer.