Man fatally shot in abduction from party store

A man was abducted and shot to death on Detroit's west side.

Friends and family of 51-year-old Rolando Smith of Dearborn Heights say they are still trying to cope with his death less than  24 hours since he was found.

"It's just tragic, it's devastating," said Carlysle, a friend of Smith. "He was full of life, loved music, loved to be around people."

Smith's family was fearful to go on camera, saying Smith  got into an argument with another man at a liquor store just before 9 Sunday night.

Devin Todd, Smith's cousin, says he watched it all happen.

"They were already arguing inside the store," Todd said. "So you knew something was about to happen."

Smith's family said the man pulled out a gun, forcing Smith into his own car. They drove just a block down the road when they say Smith tried to get away, the suspect then shot him in the head.

"As we almost hit the corner, we heard the car screech and saw somebody running," said Todd.

Detroit police say they're actively looking for that shooter. Smith's family says they don't understand why someone would do this and are unsure if Smith knew the suspect.

The family is also wondering why he wasn't robbed  or his car not stolen. Smith's friend called the shooting odd. He says Smith was not a confrontational person.

"He was never in the midst of any trouble," Carlysle said.

Now the family of Rolando Smith, known lovingly as Roni, hopes someone will give them answers..

Police are reviewing surveillance video. The shooter is described as a black man about 5-feet-8 inches tall, last seen wearing blue jeans and a green shirt.