Man issued a ticket for groping himself at a Life Time Fitness in Canton

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A 56-year-old man was ticketed at a Life Time Fitness in Canton for indecent conduct. 

Lifetime employees were informed by people in the pool area that the man was masturbating in the pool and going after young women. 

Eyala Collier says man was masturbating in front of her.

"A lady comes over like, 'Oh my God, do you see what he's over there doing?' and I'm like, 'Yea I don't know what to do about it,'" she said.

Bobby, another gym member, tried to intervene by getting in the hot tub.

"His response was almost as if to say you're not going to stop me, this is a free space what are you going to do about it," he said.

The employees of the gym called the police, and the man received a misdemeanor ticket and is no longer welcome in their facilities.

A spokesperson for Lifetime issued the following statement: 

“At Life Time, we are committed to providing a safe, fun, family oriented environment. As such, we found this matter to be of great concern. Upon being alerted, we immediately notified the authorities and are collaborating on their investigation. I can assure you the involved individual is no longer allowed in our clubs. We remain committed and diligent in our efforts to provide a safe environment all times.”