Man killed by speeding driver had just left visiting wife on her break

Friday was supposed to be the fifth wedding anniversary for Richard and Nakeima Watters. But early Friday morning, as Richard was on his way home from visiting his wife at her overnight shift, a man running from police crashed into him, and killed him. 

Richard was a 41-year-old father, grandfather, and husband. He was due to celebrate his fifth wedding anniversary of Friday with his wife, Nakeima but his life was cut short.

He was back from visiting his wife, Nakeima. She works overnights and every night, Richard visited her during her lunch break. Early Friday morning, he was on his way home from visiting her when he was rear-ended by a Corvette. The driver, a 46-year-old man, was running from police and crashed into him near Grand River and Telegraph. Both men were killed.

Two killed in crash after Corvette driver flees police in Southfield

Nakeima had no idea but knew something was wrong when Richard didn't show up to pick her up from work at 5 a.m. 

"I called my mom to let her know that richard wasn't home and she said, 'Niki,' she said 'I just heard about an accident," Nakeima said.

When she turned on the news and saw her husband's car, she knew it was him.

Investigators say Southfield police tried to pull over the Corvette near 8 Mile and Telegraph. Before police could get out of their patrol car, he sped away, before crashing into Richard's car.

Shortly after the accident, a second accident when a Dodge Charger hit Richard's Pacifica and then crashed into a Chrysler 200. The driver of the Charger ran from the scene.

The family of the driver of the Corvette did not want to give comment but a friend said he was a good guy and a father.

"It's tragic anytime there's a tragic accident, because they are accidents, but it sounds like it was a normal traffic stop from what I'm being told. If they stopped; this doesn't happen," said Detroit Police Sgt. Paul Warner.

It's not clear why that man ran from police or how fast he was going, but his actions are breaking hearts for so many. 

Richard was an Army veteran and worked maintenance at a post office. He was also Lions fan and was getting ready for the new season. The dad had promised his son a trip to GameStop to buy video games and his son, Edward Gollman, is following through that. 

"I told him we're going to go to GameStop, we're going to still go to GameStop today'. So your dad's not breaking his promise," Edward said.