Man killed, mother escapes Eastpointe house fire

It was a quiet Monday evening at home for Sherry Fremont, reading a book, when saw flames shooting out of her neighbor's home off Marine Street.

Putting on her shoes and running out of her home, she says she found her 63-year-old neighbor Sharon standing outside, wearing only a nightgown.

She says Sharon's son, 44-year-old Thomas, was still inside. Firefighters pulled him from the flames. 

"He was lethargic and his arm was hanging over the gurney," Sherry said.

Thomas did not survive.

Firefighters say the fire was accidental, but they're still investigating to figure out the cause. 

"In this case the residents were alerted to the fire by smoke detectors, so we cannot emphasize enough the importance of smoke detectors," said Eric Keiser, deputy chief of Eastpointe police.

Sherry says they didn't have renter's insurance. She's now worried what's going to happen to her friend.

"It's a nice family, Sharon goes to church. It's really a nice family. They are great neighbors," she said.