Man leads chase along 696 during Hazel Park crime spree

Police who were originally called to a report of a domestic dispute wound up chasing a man wanted for a crime spree in Metro Detroit.

It all started around 9:45 when a woman invited him to have dinner in Hazel Park. Something told the victim's mother that something wasn't right and that the man wanted more. She said he didn't like to be turned down so he robbed her and took her phone and credit card.

The woman's mother said this isn't the first time that the acquaintance came over her home in Hazel Park and things got physical but what happened Tuesday prompted a call to police.

"He knows the police are involved and we're taking reports but he keeps going after this woman so we were afraid for her and the public's safety at this point," Hazel Park Police Chief Brian Buckholz said. "As the officer was taking the report from her a call goes out of a car jacking that happened nearby, at and 10 Mile and Dequindre ."

That was just a half a mile away. Police said the man called a cab and stole the vehicle from the cab driver. 

"Pulled out a knife held it to the cab driver's shoulder and threatened him to pull over. At that point he pushed him out of the vehicle," Buckholz said.

Police said the suspect drove the stolen car back to the woman's house.

"He said I'm going to come back for you. I'm coming back for you," the victim's mom said.

"He did threaten to kill her at that point so officers were worried that he would come back again so they set up surveillance in the area and he did come by again," Buckholz said.

This time, police were ready and chased him onto 696, then 75 and 94.

"He got off at the Van Dyke exit and crashed into a car there."

He injured two people in that crash, bringing the total number of people hurt to four - all with minor injuries. The suspect is now being held while the prosecutor determines what to charge him with.