Man out on bond in fatal drunk driving crash misses sentence for second DUI charge

A man who was due to be sentenced Friday for a drunk driving crash that killed a man last May missed his sentencing after being jailed on another drunk driving charge, where he's also accused of assaulting a police officer.

Jarod Richardson, 30, was supposed to be sentenced in the crash that killed a 34-year-old man last May and severely injured a 27-year-old woman in Wayne County.

Authorities said Richardson ran a stop light when he crashed into the other car during a power outage. The car in front of him had been stopped at Telegraph and McNichols in May badly injuring a 27-year-old woman and fatally injuring a 34-year-old man.. He was arrested and charged with OWI causing death, reckless driving causing death, and several other charges.

He wound up pleading guilty to the OWI causing death charge and was supposed to have been sentenced on Friday.

When he didn't show up for his sentencing date, the judge explained why. He was in custody in a different county while free on bond.

Richardson had been arrested in January for drunk driving. Authorities pulled him over for reckless driving. Police said he assaulted an officer and was under the influence at the time of the arrest.

He was being held in the Oakland County jail on Friday and could not be sentenced.

Richardson's driving record shows multiple charges of OWI, suspended license, and more charges dating back to 2010. 

A new sentencing date has been set for April 5 in Wayne County.