Man points gun at person in suspected gay hate crime Twitter video

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Detroit police are looking into a possible hate crime after a disturbing video is posted online.

Now, they're looking for the suspect -- and the victim.  A man posted a video on Twitter that shows him pointing a gun at a man he believes is gay. The suspect followed that with another anti-gay video where he actually bragged about what he did.

"'Pull your pants down I have a gun,'" witness Robert Howell said he remembers hearing from inside the Brightmoor liquor store on Detroit's west side.

He saw it unfold on the surveillance video and so did thousands of other people after the man behind the gun who goes by @binswanson, posted it on Twitter Tuesday night.

The video shows the man point a gun at another man he believes is gay as he leaves the liquor store.

"Hey take your (expletive) pants off, man get the (expletive) on before I bust your (expletive)," the man says in the video. "Gay (expletive)."

On the description of the video, the man says "I hate gay (n-words)"

The 32-second video quickly went viral.

Detroit police have opened an investigation on behalf of the victim although they are still trying to figure out who it is.

"To think that somebody would be so brazen that they could point the weapon in the face of an unsuspecting citizen and then post it on social media as if the Detroit police are going to stand idling by and do nothing," said Sgt. Michael Woody, Detroit police.

Not only did the man post this disturbing video on social media, the suspect then followed up with Periscope videos where he taunts police and justifies his homophobic actions.

"Give me my props, (expletive) these gay ass (n-words)," he said. "I wasn't telling the (n-word) to take his pants off right then and there because if he would, he would have been shot. I don't like looking at that (expletive) I don't like gay ass (n-words) or none of that."

All of this just 24 hours after the Fair Michigan Justice Project launched a new task force to investigate and prosecute crimes against the LGBT community.

In a statement Fair President Dana Nessel said: "This video is a tragic reminder of the fear and intimidation LGBT people in our community live with, on a daily basis. It is the reason the Fair Michigan Justice Project was initiated and it perfectly illustrates the importance of building a coalition between law enforcement and the LGBT community."

Woody said the Detroit police are investigating.

"Which is why it is important we get him off the street as quickly as we can," Woody said. "Our message is simple - we will find you we will arrest you."

In another Periscope video the man shows his guns and challenges police to arrest him. We are told they are close.