Man poses as DTE worker before robbing teen at gunpoint

A man poses as DTE employee before robbing a teen at gunpoint in his own home. 

On Friday around 3:30 in the 16000 block of Stout, a 17-year-old boy was home alone when a 35-year-old man knocked on the door claiming to be a DTE worker who needed to see the pipes in the backyard. 

The victim let him into the home, that’s when the suspect pulled out a gun and demanded money, along with a 35-year-old woman who also entered the home. 

An undisclosed amount of money was given to the suspects then they fled the scene in an unknown direction. 

Police are investigating further into this incident. 

DTE has issued an imposter alert, offering some tips if a person comes to your home claiming to be a DTE worker. 

Before allowing someone who claims to work for DTE access to your home: 
Ask for identification. All DTE Electric and DTE Gas employees and contractors carry photo identification badges and are required to display their badge if asked. If you are unsure about an employee’s identification or want to verify the nature of the work to be done at your home, call DTE Customer Service at 800.477.4747.

Do not allow people into your home who:
•    Claim to offer a DTE Electric or DTE Gas refund. Our employees never deliver cash refunds or rebates to customers’ homes.

•    Claim to sell DTE Electric or DTE Gas products or services. DTE employees do not engage in door-to-door sales for gas and electric services. DTE Gas occasionally sells Home Protection Plan services door-to-door, but only by employees who carry a photo ID.

•    Attempt to collect a bill payment. DTE does not collect or accept utility bill payments at customers’ homes or businesses.

DTE encourages customers to call the police if you believe the person at your door is a con artist posing as a utility worker.