Man recaptured after running from jail sentencing at Oakland County court

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On video a man wearing a red shirt can be seen running from a Rochester Hills courtroom clearly not wanting to go to jail.

It all took place on 9:30 Tuesday morning when 33-year-old Jayson Mendoza Cordero was being sentenced for a misdemeanor retail fraud and disorderly conduct.
The Oakland County sheriff says his deputies were never told by the court that he was going to be sentenced.

"We ask the judges to do that but they run their own courtrooms," said Sheriff Michael Bouchard.

Bouchard says typically his deputies are in the courtroom when that happens.

"If they make the decision, 'I'm not going to jail today,' then we have someone to say 'No the judge says you are - and you are,'" Bouchard said.

But he says this time his office was not notified.

"This individual was sentenced to jail and told to sit down in a particular area before the deputy had got to the courtroom," Bouchard said. 
"As the guy spotted the deputy it was off to the races."

Cordero took off through a side door at the court building - but he did not get far.

"There was a detective from Rochester there and another one of our deputies and off the went and they ended up getting him in a wooded area near the courthouse," Bouchard said.

About five or 10 minutes later he was caught, but the sheriff says this illustrates the actions of a desperate person. 

"Lots of times police get killed with their own weapon if they lose a fight," Bouchard said. "Thankfully that didn't happen and it never rose to that level. But those are the kind of concerns that we have. An unarmed person isn't the same thing as not dangerous."

Before he took off from this courthouse, Cordero was looking at 90 days in jail with credit for six days served.

Now, with charges of escaping and resisting arrest to his charges, meaning he'll likely be in jail a lot longer.

"At least two or three times the amount of jail time for sure," Bouchard said.

The 33-year-old from Pontiac will likely be back in court for those additional charges soon.