Man records Facebook rant during police chase in Wyandotte

What started as a simple traffic stop for a cracked tail light ended up in a high-speed police chase from Wyandotte to Detroit with the passenger posting a video on Facebook live.

After giving the officers their names, the passenger allegedly reached near the center consul and grabbed a clear plastic bag and threw it under his seat, then the suspected couple took off.

Wyandotte police say the guy that posted the video is Tobias James Catron, a 20 year-old from Lincoln Park.

He's currently on probation for a drugs and breaking and entering charges in 2016. 

When asked about possible motives, Wyandotte detective Devin Geiger said, "I know he's innocent until proven guilty but how smart is this guy? I can't comment on his intelligence."

Detective Geiger also says the posting of the video is happening more frequently, "this seems to be more of a trend. Posting shootings, now it's a car chase."

The driver, police say is 18-year-old Rachael Evelyn Galeski from Lincoln Park and police want to talk to both of them, especially the person who made the video.

Wyandotte police eventually gave up the chase for the protection of the officers, and the two got away.

If you know anything pertaining to this case, please call Wyandotte police immediately at (734) 324-4405.