Man reunited with remains of brother after 8 months of waiting

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About 290 cremated remains were brought back to metro Detroit from Flint Thursday after the state took possession of them from the closed Cantrell Funeral Home.

And after eight months of waiting, the remains of Earl Lewis' baby brother are finally with him.

"A weight has been lifted off my shoulders," Lewis said. "Thanks to Hilary and Channel 2."

On Thursday Lewis got back the ashes of his brother Elvis in his hands, delivered by Verheyden. The funeral home is handling the 290 cremated remains found at the now closed Cantrell Funeral Home in Detroit.

They were found back in April after it was shut down due to moldy and decomposing bodies.

Elvis's ashes rode in a casket along with the other veterans in the group. A few dozen distinguished men and women who served our country were honored en route to Grosse Pointe Park where many will wait to be reunited with family.

"We are at the end now," Lewis said. "Let's move forward."

The truth is for hundreds of families whose loved ones remains were found at Cantrell, it is far from over.

Verheyden has brought all 290 remains from where they were being housed in Flint, but now the long hard work of reuniting family members with their loves ones continues - maybe for a very long time.

The lives of those people will be honored in a service Nov. 12 and Earl can soon also have an American flag in honor of his brother's service. 

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