Man robbing Detroit McDonald's caught on high quality video

Police are looking for a man caught on film flashing a gun and demanding money at McDonald's in Detroit on Thursday.

However, the man may not have realized this McDonald's is a Greenlight location, meaning there are cameras that send high quality video of any crimes to Detroit police.

"Everybody seems friendly around here so it was really strange to us," said store manager Saundra House.

The man, dressed casually, approached the counter and flashed the gun in his waistband.

He ordered the employee to hand over cash.

"When I got the call I said wow, really?" House said.

The worker began handing over money. The store manager commended her employee's bravery.

"She just stayed calm like he asked her to ... like we advise all our people to do," House said.

After stealing the cash, police say the man casually walked out of the store, heading north on Grand River and making a right onto Lahser.

"It was devastating because we never had issues here," House said.

The Greenlight cameras were installed just over a year ago.

House says none of the employees recognize the man, but anyone who does is asked to call police immediately.