Man saves pregnant woman from pit bull attack

A vicious dog attack on a pregnant woman leaves her bloodied and bruised.

She was saved by a total stranger, who scared the animal off and shielded her from further harm.

Now Fox 2's hearing from the hero, who ran to help.

"I'm looking. I'm getting my firearm, I'm cocking it and I'm jumping out the car," said Fred Hutchinson.

It's that split-second decision that Hutchinson of Detroit had to make when he says he saw two pit bulls attacking a young woman.

"She might've been dead. I'm just going to be honest she might've been dead," he said.

Seen on Fox 2 Tuesday night, Brianna Terry discussing that frightening day on Feb. 23 when she was walking into a west side gas station. Two men with their pit bulls were just steps away.

Hutchinson says the men tell the girl she can walk by without anything happening.

But then Terry says one of the pit bulls bit her arm then latched onto her leg.

Hutchinson, afraid to shoot the dog and hit Terry, quickly fired a gun shot into the air.

"And I just POW... and once I did that... I shielded her ... with my gun out," Hutchinson said.

Hutchinson told the owners to back away and to take the dogs.

"She's hysterical. She's like, I'm five months pregnant, and that's when I looked down at her belly and I'm like oh my God," Hutchinson said.

Calling an ambulance, Hutchinson stayed by Terry's side, talking with the 911 operator and tending to her chewed-up calf.

"Once we did lift it up, the dog bit down into her muscle," Hutchinson said.

Terry says if Hutchinson hadn't been there to help her, she knows she and her unborn baby would've been goners.

After airing the story Tuesday on Fox 2, Detroit police are actively investigating as Terry is giving Hutchinson a new title.

"You're my hero. ... You saved me and I am crazy grateful," she said.

But Hutchinson says he doesn't consider himself a hero -- just someone at the right place at the right time.

"I'm just glad she's all right. I'm glad her baby is all right," he said.