Man sent to intensive care after fight over Pokemon GO

A conflict over Pokemon GO led to assault charges in downtown Mount Clemens on Wednesday night.

Ryan Steiner, a 33-year-old father, was playing the game when a 53-year-old man allegedly confronted him on Main Street near Market Street.

Police said the 53-year-old man from Harrison Township took issue with Pokemon GO players and let them know. This led to threats and violence -- Steiner ended up punching the man in the face.

Shortly after the alleged assault took place were told the suspect then ran into the nearby bar called the Three Blind Mice pub. After over hearing Steiner talk about the incident, someone called police.

The victim was lying on the ground bleeding, according to police. One witness said Steiner went into the bar and was talking about the attack and was there when police arrived.

Steiner was taken to jail, while the victim was taken to the hospital and put in intensive care. The sheriff said he is recovering but still in the hospital as of Friday.

Steiner's family told FOX 2 they have nothing to say about what happened on the street that night.