Man sentenced to 17 years for graduation party shooting murder in Roseville

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It was sentencing day for a man who opened fire on a graduation party in Roseville killing an 18-year-old boy two years ago.

On Thursday Nancy Filary faced the man who admitted to killing her son, 18-year-old Luke Filary of Clinton Township.

"As a mother, I never imagined I would be giving birth to a beautiful baby boy and I would have to bury him 18 years later," said Nancy Filary in court.

She said that despite hearing the claims of remorse and sadness, she doesn't feel 22-year-old Amer Mongogna feels guilty at all.
"I find that very hard to believe his testimony when it indicated he used the words "F- that n-word" referring to my son after he found out on social media that he had died."

Back in August of 2017, prosecutors say during a graduation party in Roseville a group had been asked to leave because of an argument. But then a fight broke out. and shots were fired, hitting and killing Luke Filary.
"I want to start out by asking if you have any idea what a great kid you murdered that night two years ago," said Glen Filary, the victim's father. "I will never forgive you and I will be at every one of your parole hearings to stand strong for Luke."

"I want this defendant and all those involved to feel the pain we feel and carry it for the rest of their lives," said the victim's grandmother.

Mongogna initially faced several charges - including murder - but the 22-year-old took a deal pleading guilty to manslaughter and felony firearm.

"I think about that night, every night," said Carla, a cousin of the victim. "To see your cousin die in front of you it's just not right. It's not fair that he takes someone's life and gets 17 years."

The killer, Amer Mongogna, spoke to Filary's family and apologized.
"I am so sorry to the family," he said. "This is not a day ... I will never forget about this."

And following the plea deal, the judge sentenced him to 12 to 17 years in prison - but not without a few words before sending him away.
"How can you live with yourself, not only with being so violent, and so disrespectful of human life, but for being such a miserable coward."