Man sentenced to jail for setting up camera in women's bathroom at car dealership

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A former car dealership employee will get eight months in jail for setting up a video camera in a women's bathroom.

Larry Dean Flowers pleaded guilty for placing the wide angle hidden camera inside the bathroom of Szott Chrysler Jeep in White Lake Township in the 6700 block of Highland Road. In addition to jail time, Flowers, also received eight months’ probation at Tuesday's sentencing.

The longtime employee of the dealership pleaded guilty to three counts of using computers to commit a crime and three counts of capturing and distributing images of unclothed people.

Flowers, 73, placed the camera which was aimed underneath a stall door in the ladies room. It was later discovered by a female employee who alerted management.

A woman spoke today at his sentencing.

"I want him to know how it feels to be videotaped in a personal space," she said. "And the only way that's going to happen is if you put him in jail."

Police found video from the bathroom on Flowers' personal computer. During the investigation, police collected two other pieces of evidence used to store electronic files.