Man sentenced to life in prison for Theresa Dekeyzer murder

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Scott Wobbe talked in court about his remorse for killing Theresa Dekeyzer.

Warren Police Chief Jere Green said after the arraignment that Theresa was a victim of domestic violence and her family always suspected Wobbe.

According to police, Dekeyzer was last seen near her house on June 16, 2014,  by Wobbe after the two got into a fight. 

Police say she called to report a domestic assault the previous day. When police arrived, Wobbe had left the area. 

Later that day, the last call from her cell phone was made to Wobbe's phone. Warren police say at first her disappearance appeared to have been voluntary, perhaps a partying binge or a bold move to get back at her boyfriend.

Wobbe told police he saw Theresa around 6:00 a.m. June 16. when he dropped her off at 9 Mile and Van Dyke.  

Her family reported her missing to Warren Police on the 19th. Police followed several tips between between June 16 and July 1, all of which came back without any results.

Through July and August of last year, police continued to search for her and executed multiple search warrants. 

When police said they discovered her phone and bank account had not been used, they began to investigate. The family hired a private investigator who worked with police to follow up on leads, all of which turned out to be dead ends.

In September, investigators received two tips that her remains were in a storage facility. 

When they searched a trailer at the Plymouth Township facility, they found Dekeyzer's body encased in cement inside a 55-gallon drum.