Man shot five times in Warren driveway as police suspect targeted attack

Neighbors were shaken after discovering a man found bleeding on the driveway outside a home on La Salle near Eight Mile and Gratiot in Warren.

"I was cooking food and I heard five shots. Bam bam bam bam bam, said Mike, a neighbor. "As soon as the shots rang out, I came right out." 

Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer said around 9 p.m.Tuesday the girlfriend of a 32-year-old man called 911. Apparently, he had just gotten home from picking up his son from football, when someone knocked at their door.
"A light-skinned Black man in his 30s was standing on the porch," Dwyer said. "He told the victim that he saw two kids in a driveway and believed they were trying to break into the victim's car."

But when the man went outside to check just seconds later, rapid gunfire.

Sources say the 32-year-old had been shot five times in the chest and head, a bullet even hitting him in the face. The man's girlfriend discovering him bleeding in the driveway unconscious, not breathing.

Police say, it appears the man had been targeted and likely knew his attacker.
"I didn't know what the heck happened until I heard his girlfriend or whatever, start crying," Mike said. "When they put him in the stretcher and they put the cloth over his head, I saw lots of blood coming out of him. He was in bad shape." 

At some point, sources say a neighbor took the phone from the man's girlfriend - and told emergency crews they heard a car speeding away - right after the gunshots, but couldn't get a description.

"We do have a team of detectives investigating this homicide," Dwyer said. "We are recovering what we feel is really is really valuable evidence." 

If you have any information about the incident, please call Warren police at (586) 574-4700.