Man shot in face at Detroit's Grand Circus Park, 3 suspects at large

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Detroit police is investigating a downtown shooting at Grand Circus Park Wednesday.

An 18-year-old was shot on security cameras next to the statue at the corner of Adams and Woodward. He is in guarded, but stable condition while police search for the suspects.

Police say two men and a woman were across the street at a liquor store, noticed the victim and approached him. 

"It appears from the video that the suspects recognized the victim before they approached him and for whatever reason the altercation escalated into a shooting," said Capt. Rodney Cox, Detroit police. 

It started as a fight, all four of them in close proximity. 

"Once the victim fell, the suspects fled the location," Cox said.

The 18-year-old was shot in the face, the bullet exited through his neck and he was rushed to the hospital in stable condition.

Police were able to quickly look at surveillance camera footage and put out a description of the suspects. Minutes after the shooting two people were found walking down the sidewalk just a block away from the scene. 

"They took a picture of the suspects to make sure it matched what was in the video," Cox said. "At that point we determined that those suspects sent that back to the department. analyzed and determined they fit the description and we detained them."

While two men were taken into custody, police later determined they were not the ones responsible for the shooting and police continue to search for all three suspects and the weapon involved 

Police tell us they are not sure what sparked the fight. They did find some marijuana left at the scene but say it’s too early to speculate if it was a drug deal gone wrong.