Man spreads love, thanks to Taylor nurses who cared for mother who died of Covid-19

Even in a time of terrible loss, one metro Detroit family is still taking the time to say thank you and show support for nurses.

Jeff Pyles and his four siblings would visit their 86-year-old mother every day in the hospital – through her window at Beaumont in Taylor.

“They put a star in the window. We were able to come up and that was our way of being by our mom's side,” he says. “[The nurse] would whisper in her ear and say, ‘Your family is outside the window singing or, just, they're here again.’”

Sadly, their mother couldn't beat the virus. She died Wednesday morning.

“Oh, my mother was so amazing,” Jeff says. “We all love the Lord and we know there's a better place and my mom is in a better place.

Jeff, mourning his mother, is sending a message about safety to all of us.

“The virus is real. Just keep your social distance, just do what our government is telling us to do. Just be safe in whatever we do.”

But he’s also still going back to the hospital to, safely, of course, spread more joy and send love.

He left a sign in the grass outside for the nurses who cared for his mother: From the bottom of my heart thank you for taking such wonderful care of my mother, Sarah Pyles.

“We didn't have March Madness but we got Nurse Madness and it's all over. Thank you to all the nurses all over, but here at Taylor Beaumont they just took care of my mom Sarah Pyles. Me and my family are just so grateful.”

And his gratitude did not go unnoticed.

On Friday as he surrounded the sign with hearts, the nurses watched from inside the hospital and sent hearts back and thumbs up from the window.

“Just because we lost our mom, our battle, the fight – the fight still continues on. These nurses are still in the game again, countless days and nights just coming in and out knowing what they could take home to their families but they’re here, they’re doing the job. I just want to say thank you.”