Man thanks Waterford firefighters who saved him from house blaze

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Jason Schreib lost his home and nearly his life when a fire destroyed his home earlier this month. Now that he's out of the hospital, he wanted to meet the firefighters who saved him.

The fire started in the utility room in the family's house on Myra Avenue in Pontiac at 2:45 a.m. December 4.

"I tried putting it out. I was going for my fire extinguisher. I think I got a little extra smoke inhalation," he says. "It's harder to heal somebody than to hurt somebody, God bless them for that. I have several guardian angels, and they are all firefighters."

On Tuesday, Jason and his wife, who wasn't home the night of the fire, got to meet those guardian angels -- the Waterford Regional Fire Department team. 

The first crew and advance team who came to the house had only five gallons of water with them. They would be followed shortly thereafter by the larger rigs. 

The first three firefighters got Gold Awards for putting their own lives on the line to save Jason. Several other firefighters received a Silver Award for helping in the aftermath. 

One of them was Lt. Eric Steinhebel.

"He was in bad shape so we hurried up and got him out as quick as we could," he said. "We were just doing our job. I've got a great crew and those two are the best firemen I have ever worked with."

The job is to save lives - and it's one that Jason's wife is forever grateful for. She is also thankful for the person who called 911 at close to 3 a.m.

"I don't know what to say; they are angels," says Brenda. 

It's a Christmas miracle coming early. 

The family still needs help. Although they are receiving subsidized housing to live in now, they did not have insurance. If you would like to help the Schreibs, drop off checks at the Waterford Regional Fire Department at 2459 Crescent Lake Road and Hatchery.