Man upset when offered free mask at Highland Park liquor store leaves $1,000 in damages

The owner of Azzo Liquor Store in Highland Park says a man created a mess inside his store after he got turned away for not wearing a mask - and that customer disturbances over face coverings are becoming more and more common. 

The most recent disturbance left about $1,000 in damages at the store. 

A sign saying "No Mask No Service is taped up in several places outside the store, but a man still came inside without one Sunday afternoon. You can see the particular customer on surveillance video, using a plastic bag held up to his mouth as a makeshift mask. But it wasn't doing its job so the owner offered him a free one. 

Apparently that set the customer off.

The man tried getting behind the counter but the door was locked. Then you can see him on surveillance video outside on a bicycle picking up a brick and throwing it at a window. Twice.

The windows are repaired but with a thousand dollar price tag. The owner of the store didn't want to go on camera.

We're told Highland Park police are aware of what happened but the brick thrower hasn't been identified.