Man uses bat to defend wife during home invasion

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A man wrestled a bat away from suspects trying to rob his house and used it to defend his wife, according to the Gordon County Sheriff's Office.

The incident occurred around 8:15 p.m. in the Pine Chapel community. One of the suspects, Alex Alcantar, was incapacitated when police arrived, and the second, Dustin Freeman, was chased into a nearby wooded area, according to deputies.

The two suspects burst into the couple's home Wednesday night armed with bricks and a baseball bat, according to deputies. The couple was seated at the dinner table when the masked perpetrators entered the home.

The man was first struck by a brick, but then managed to pull the bat away from one of the suspects, and used it to defend his wife and hold off the teen suspects, according to authorities.

Freeman ran when a group of armed neighbors arrived at the house after hearing the commotion. The neighbors caught the suspect and held him until authorities arrived, according to deputies.

"I am glad I live in a community where neighbors help neighbors," Sheriff Mitch Ralston said.

Neighbor Kay Robbins believes the teen suspects got what they deserved.

"You never know what is going to be behind that door. I guess he messed with the wrong person," Mrs. Robbins said.

The sheriff said both teen suspects were wearing masks and gloves. Both are local rising seniors who did not have any criminal history.