Man who sold diseased body parts 'deserves to fry' says victim

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A Grosse Pointe cadaver dealer's sentencing was delayed after a last-minute decision by the federal court judge.

But first the diseased body parts broker had to face the wrath from victims in court on Monday.

Arthur Rathburn was found guilty in January for selling diseased body parts with HIV and hepatitis A, B and C to doctors and dentists for medical research. The FBI raided Rathburn's company called International Biological Inc. in Detroit back in December of 2013. 

Rathburn's warehouse was in filthy condition and investigators found body parts in paint cans, coolers and plastic containers. 

A woman testified Monday that her father donated his body to science upon his death to a similar company in Illinois. Then Tracy Smolka found out his head was discovered in Rathburn's warehouse. 

"Arthur Rathburn is a lowlife piece of crap s.o.b. who deserved to fry," said Smolka. “I am not going to get that. But I want him to suffer, I want him to know pain."

Smolka gave her victim impact statement along with other people whose family members were affected in court Monday.

It was believed Rathburn would testify in his defense today, but he may take the stand Tuesday before his sentencing.

An expert who testified Monday said that diseases stay active in deceased individuals' body parts.