Man who stole ambulance ruled not guilty due to insanity

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A resolution in the case of a stolen ambulance, taken from in front of a Mount Clemens hospital.

A judge has accepted a not guilty plea, by reason of insanity from the suspect, Eric Preston. He was accused of leading police on a chase before driving it down a grassy hill. 

Experts ruled Preston wasn't culpable for the crime because of his mental state, so he entered a plea deal with prosecutors.

Preston will now be under the state's care, until mental health experts rule he is fit to be released.
Authorities say the crime happened around 6:30 p.m. on Oct. 7. MedStar workers had entered the hospital to drop off a patient, and left the ambulance parked just outside.

"Two deputies that were in the area saw the van and attempted to stop it," Sheriff Anthony Wickersham said at the time.

A brief chase ensued and at one point, the suspect drove off the road and down a grassy hill.

"The subject refused to get out of the ambulance where they had to break a window and pull him out of the vehicle and take him into custody," Wickersham said.

No one was injured.