Man who went viral for "trick shots" uses new fame to raise money for Scleroderma

Billy Bodle is a special education teacher whose talent for making trick shots made him go viral.

" My brother-in-law we were on the patio grilling, and he kind of dared me he was like why don’t you shoot it from the patio, and I shot it and made it in and kind of got addicted from there ever since," says Bodle.

Bodle says it's really cool and humbling that his videos have gone viral and that he is constantly looking for the next trick shot to take.

" I’ve done one shot, and then I'm like maybe I can do this again," Bolde said.

Bolde is a high school football and softball coach and says he has gained many fans some being his players. 

Bolde says that making his trick shots are not always easy, and sometimes it can take him up to ten hours to complete a shot.

Bolde says he is using his newfound fame to donate to Stamped Scleroderma, which his mother-in-law suffers from.

You can donate to Stamped Scleroderma here.