Man wrongfully convicted of murder opens Coney Island restaurant in Detroit

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A Man wrongfully convicted of murder back in 2001 opens a Coney Island Restaurant in Detroit.

Marvin Reed and his nephew DeShawn Reed were convicted in 2001 of shooting Shannon Gholston in 2000. Gholston retracted his testimony in 2008.

Both Marvin and DeShawn sued the Detroit Police Department for the wrong conviction, earning about $1.57 million each. 

Putting the settlement to good use, DeShawn became a real estate investor and now a restaurant owner, opening D's 24 hour Coney Island in Detroit.

The coney even more special to DeShawn because he use to eat at the restaurant growing up but it closed after the previous owner known as Frank was tragically killed. 

"This Coney Island, not my Coney Island, it's our Coney Island. This is the community Coney Island, and anything I can do for this community Ima do it, I'm going to guarantee something. We don't change everything but we gone change most of the things," Reed said. 

Reed had many supporters at his grand opening including Mayor Mike Duggan.