Man's remote control racing boat trailer stolen in Romulus

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He came to Michigan to compete for a coveted cup but his racing dreams were dashed by a greedy thief - before he could even get his boats in the water.

"Everything I worked so hard and long for, is gone," said Ken Haines.

Gone are 21 radio control boats that Ken Haines brought  to Michigan from his home in Stuart, Florida in a trailer. It was stolen sometime between 1 and 9 a.m. Wednesday morning from his Embassy Suites hotel parking lot near Metro Airport. 

"A 10-year collection of remote control boats and a trailer to service them," Haines said. "That I race nationally, just heartbreaking."

Having anything stolen is bad enough, but for Ken who, he says is the third best RC boat driver in the country, his loss is a major financial blow.

"Maybe up to $50,000 in stuff but its over a 10-year period of time," Haines said. "Probably of little value to anyone else unless they race RC boats."

Haines was to compete this weekend for the Michigan Cup in RC Boat racing in Leonard, Michigan.  An event he won twice before. 

Haines is in Michigan with his wife and 14-year-old child. Ken made a report  with the Romulus police but has no insurance for his boats.  And he'll pretty much do anything to get the boats  back.

"I would pay more than willing to pay a $10,000 reward to anybody that can recover his boats and trailer for me," Haines said.

If you have information call the Romulus police at (734) 941-8400 or Fox 2 and we'll put you in contact with Ken.