Man's truck impounded by Detroit police gets sold at auction

When a Detroit man tried to get his truck out of the police impound, he found out it had been sold.

"It's still frustrating because I had high hopes of retrieving my vehicle," said Larry Harris.

Harris spent two weeks in jail back in September for a larceny charge that was later thrown out of court. He learned Wednesday his truck which Detroit police impounded for evidence, was sold in an auction.

"They knew in court," he said. "My grandkids' stuff was in there. toys, jackets, all my tools, medication."

The 60-year-old, who lives on a fixed income, was forced to ride his bike to get around town. His volunteer work with the Salvation Army came to a screeching halt.

"I help seniors, I take them back from the food bank and different things, and I need doctors’ appointments," he said. "They are just taking away my livelihood after the judge had said return my vehicle."

That was on Sept. 25. Authorities held onto the truck because Harris' case went to trial. 

The charges were thrown out Oct. 15 but police say when the hold on the truck was released, Harris did not pick it up and the truck was transferred from DPD to the Municipal Parking Department.

"How could I pick it up when they're telling me they're waiting for authorization from this person, waiting for authorization from that person," he said. "I need this document; I need that document.

"I've been down there four or five times to get my truck so it's not like I just left it there or it was abandoned."

City of Detroit spokeswoman Tiffany Crawford says a breakdown in communication led to Harris' truck being sold in an auction. 

Harris says a police sergeant worked with him to get to the bottom of the situation and after FOX 2 got involved, DPD tracked down the person who bought the truck.

FOX 2: "And now the guy who bought the truck is going to be bringing it back tomorrow."

"Wow, thank you, Jesus. thank you. There is still good people. I still have faith in humankind, in mankind," Harris said.

Harris initially had to pay about $800 in fees to get his truck back but that will be waived.

The city of Detroit says Municipal Parking will work with DPD to make sure something like this never happens again. 

UPDATE: DPD says it will reimburse the man who bought Harris’ truck.